A close-up of chimney with cap and crown on the roof of a home in Austin, TX.

Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

Chimney’s are an essential part of any home – even in Texas. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house that has one, then you understand how their gentle glow creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for special occasions (or when our beautiful weather is interrupted with an unusual cold snap). Plus, chimneys also add to the overall appearance and appeal of homes. 

Yet, just like any part of your house, your chimney needs regular maintenance to keep it looking its best and functioning properly. If regular chimney maintenance is neglected or you move into an older home, there’s a good chance that your chimney may need repairing. 

If your chimney isn’t inspected, maintained, and repaired by a professional service like Dayton Contracting,  there’s a good possibility you have undetected leaking.

Below, we’ll highlight some of the many signs that your chimney needs repaired.


Sign #1: Damaged Mortar Joints

If your home has a brick or stone chimney, then you need to pay attention to its mortar joints. If you’re not familiar with the term, mortar joints are the bonding agent (typically made from a mix of cement, sand and lime) that’s added between the bricks to hold them together. Mortar joints are integral to the brick chimney’s construction.

Over time, the mortar joints become brittle, crack and crumble due to the exposure to sun, rain and harsh weather conditions. When mortar joints weaken, they allow water to seep into the chimney, which can contribute to significant damage to its interior – or even your home’s foundation. 

Since it’s difficult to see the state of your brick or stone chimney’s mortar joints from the ground, we recommend having your chimney inspected by a qualified professional to ensure its integrity and replace the disintegrating material with fresh mortar. 


Sign #2: Damaged Or Missing Chimney Cap 

When you look up at your chimney, you may notice something that looks like a small roof above the opening. This is called the chimney cap. Just like your home’s roof, the cap’s purpose is to protect the chimney from water damage. Sometimes caps have mesh siding that prevents animals like squirrels, mice and birds from entering your home and debris like branches, leaves and twigs from falling inside your chimney.  

In the event that the cap becomes damaged or is dislodged due to high winds, your chimney and home can be susceptible to water damage, pests, debris and other serious problems and health issues. 

To ensure that the crown is securely attached to the chimney and/or isn’t cracked, rusted out or damaged in any way, it’s best to have a professional inspect your chimney and install a new crown if necessary.


Sign #3: Chimney Crown Damage 

Along with the chimney cap, the crown is another important design element that helps keep water and moisture out of the chimney and your home. Commonly made from concrete or metal, a crown and its sloping design channel water away from the chimney and prevent it from seeping into its structure. 

Should the crown become damaged, water can easily enter your chimney’s interior and potentially lead to water damage, mold growth and other serious issues. 

Since crown damage is difficult to see from most homeowners’ vantage points, it’s always best to contact a professional to inspect the structure’s crown and determine if any repairs are required. 


Sign #4: Staining And/Or Rotting On The Chimney’s Exterior 

Although some of the signs of chimney repair are not visible from the ground level, there are a few that are easy to spot. Staining or rotting materials on the chimney’s exterior are two of the most common signs of repair. 

If you see staining on the bricks, stones, concrete, stucco or composite materials on the exterior of your chimney, this is a sign of water damage. Additionally, if your chimney’s exterior siding is made of wood or composite materials is starting to rot, water is entering the structure. In either case, the water seepage can lead to costly chimney repairs – and even potential damage to your home’s interior and foundation. 

In case you see evidence of staining or rot, you should immediately contact a professional chimney repair and roofing contractor to take corrective action as soon as possible to fix the issue and mitigate any damage. 


Only Trust The Professionals For Your Chimney Repairs 

While your chimney repairs may not be top of mind, if existing or potential issues are neglected the outcome could have a negative impact on your finances – and safety! 

To ensure that your chimney is in good shape and functioning properly, schedule an appointment with the experts at Dayton Contracting. 

One of our team members will arrive at your home to inspect and evaluate your chimney free of charge. If they notice anything of concern during their inspection, they’ll communicate their findings to you, make recommendations to resolve the issues, and supply a free estimate for repairs. 

Should your chimney require repairs, our team is highly experienced in the following areas:

  • Chimney Siding and/or Stucco Replacement.
  • Fabricating and Installing Custom Flashing and Chimney Caps
  • Repairing Chimney Leaks
  • Exterior Sealing and Painting

Additionally, we offer chimney maintenance services to ensure that your chimney is functioning properly and mitigate any issues before they lead to costly repairs. 

To learn more about our chimney maintenance and repair services or to schedule a free inspection, please contact our team today!