Roof Leak Repair
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Leak Repair

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Using Flashing Cement to Seal a Roof

Dayton Contracting is Austin’s top rated roofing and exterior renovation company. We service residential customers with roof replacements of all types, providing extensive repair knowledge and experience, and problem-solving leak investigation and resolution. Our renovation services include skilled and efficient carpentry and rotten wood repair, siding and window replacement, professional painting, stucco repair, and more.


When you experience a rooftop leak, it is best to get it fixed immediately, even if you are installing a brand-new rooftop next season. Often times small roofing leaks can lead to significant issues, for instance mold, rotting framework or sheathing, damaged insulating material and destroyed ceilings, which can lead to substantial damage in the future and very high costs. Flashing roof structure leaks can result in a really expensive repair expense. If homeowners handle leaky or dripping roofs immediately, destruction as well as subsequent roof repairs are usually significantly reduced.


When you’re trying to locate a rooftop leak, start by examining the roof structure uphill from your stain. The first thing to consider is any kind of roof-top penetrations. Items which penetrate the roof have proven to be the most commonplace origin of leaks. In fact, it is very rare in order for roof repair leaks to develop inside wide open regions of uninterrupted shingles, even for older roofing. Penetrations can include domestic plumbing, rooftop vents, chimneys, rodent damage, dormer, or branches from trees that make contact with the roof.


For those who have attic entry, the easiest way to discover a new roofing repair leak would be to go into the attic with a flash light to look and identify any potential water spots, moist areas, or water. Depending on the severity of the leak and the temperature in your attic, you will see water spots, black marks or mold.

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