Dayton Contracting | Chimney Repair and Maintenance
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Chimney Repair and Maintenance

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Chimney Repair and Maintainance

Chimneys come in many shapes and sizes with varying construction types such as masonry, stucco, and sidings made of various materials. However, the core elements that keep them watertight, namely roof flashings and metal caps are routinely found insufficient across all types.  Chimney leaks many times go undetected causing internal rot and costly damage.


Age and wear & tear will eventually force repairs as well, particularly with older wood and composite siding products that rot and decay and begin to leak.  Hardie Siding and trim have since been replaced these older products, however proper installation, including the right flashing, underlayments, and a chimney cap made to fit are essential on every chimney.


We offer expert evaluation and service from maintenance and sealing to a complete overhaul.  We’ll provide a free inspection and estimate with the best recommendation for your specific chimney type and service needs.

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